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Search Engines - Pay Per Click

In addition to organic SEO some customers also choose to participate in a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign. This is a good method of driving traffic to your site by means of sponsored listings in the major search engine rankings. Costs vary based on the popularity of the terms you choose. Daily and monthly budgets can be established to assure you stay with in your expense limits. We can provide you with a list of relevant terms and the projected costs associated with each term or we can manage your entire PPC campaign for you.

Taking the time to forecast your budget and understand your payment options will save you a lot of money throughout the life of your campaign while ensuring maximum exposure of your ads throughout the advertising cycle.

Pay Per Click is not for everyone, we prefer to treat each client as an individual, assess your specific requirements then advise on the most effective course of action from there. New sites that don't have proper placement in the natural search ranks will benefit the most from pay per click. Older more established sites may benefit most from search engine optimization. Contact us today to see which course is right for you